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I'm a girl who works at a comic shop and I draw comics and stuff. Check it out at http://the-fine-line.net/twistedline
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  • What she really means: Hail Hydra


What the junk? Our Valkyries recommend picking up Lumberjanes #1, out this week!

"Hey Noelle, what’s up? …Oh, you don’t know me, but you reblogged a picture of me on tumblr a few months ago? So we’re basically best friends now, nice to meet you!"

Also Lumberjanes is the greatest comic I’ve read so far this year!! So psyched to see what happens next~!

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You can’t take me anywhere.

Muh grrrl.

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Aussie Builders surprise public with loud empowering statements in new Snickers Australia Ad.

Has anybody actually watched the ad? It ends with giant block text “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” meaning that the only way for construction workers to act like decent human beings and be pro-equality and feminist is to deprive them of their precious candy bar.

It was such a good ad until you get to the “punchline.”

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If you want trouble, pal, you’re lookin’ at it! My name is trouble! I’m Sailor Jupiter! 


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Top: official Japanese logo

Bottom: official English logo


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A quote from one of my most favorite movies.


MISS DREAM IS ON IT! Look at this amazing piece so damn fast I love them!

Read about it on their site, or click the image, or the source link!

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I don’t care if this is flooding everyone’s feeds, sky writing is the best and we like never get to see this.

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